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FJ's Doomed LJ

Shout out to Senator McCarthy and His Subcommittee

15 January 1980
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Maybe I'm fat, maybe not. I'm a fag, definitely. But I'm not an asshole.

I love fanfic. And I despise censorship. I've been around LJ for five years, and as of today, November 30, 2007, I've got to do more than rate my own journal (see rating below). I've now got to censor it for content. Because if I don't, eventually LJ will, or they'll delete me altogether.

Since many of the people who hang around my journal live under bridges (can you spell T-R-O-L-L?) and already spam the living shit out of my email, they're making new accounts right this minute to flag me and my friends. Welcome to the McCarthy Era of LiveJournal, people, when users turn into INFORMERS and the so-called Abuse Prevention Team starts goose-stepping all over your entries, be they political, personal or a little bit pervy.

My fanfic is in a LiveJournal of its own and linked here. It's got the explicit rating, because while there's lots of stuff there that's inoffensive, I can't count on other people to see that.

LJ will not stop this march to the sea until they drive people like me, longtime participants and sometime supporters, away. But I'm not going quietly. They are going to have to chuck my offending ass out of here.

In my sporadic on line life most folks are very cool, but a few are psychotic bitches (and you know who you are). I've been sick of being stalked and spammed by these f****d up c***s for a long time, so being FLAGGED won't be that strange. I was already cynical and paranoid, so I might as well add pissed off to the list.

Life is Not Suitable for Children
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